Empires of Sand


Retake control of Egypt from the claws of Seth


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Empires of Sand is a management/tower-defense combo set in an Egyptian-style world. In it, players will face the wrath of the god Seth as he and his army of the undead try to take over the land of the living.

Empires of Sand splits up the action into two very different modes. In city management, you must build different types of buildings, such as barracks, gold mines, and temples, and make them thrive to become proper Egyptian metropolises.

However, your task will not be solely to defend your city: times will also come when you'll be called on to attack. This is when Empire of Sands switches to tower-defense mode, and to vanquish your enemies you'll have to build different types of towers along a path.

During this tower-defense section, not only can you build towers and recruit new soldiers to fight alongside you against enemy troops, but you can also cast devastating spells.

Empires of Sand is a great real-time strategy game that not only offers dynamic gameplay but also comes with stunning graphics and a captivating visual world.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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