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Fantasy roleplay on Android has a new king


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Arcane Legends is a multiplayer, online RPG where players join forces and set off on thrilling adventures in an epical fantasy world. Of course you can also face off against each other in thrilling PvP, or even face the challenge alone.

Similar to all RPGs, as you move through the story completing quests and defeating enemies, your character will gain experience, allowing you to improve his skills. By doing so, you will also open up a brand new set of challenges.

Of course, to move up through the levels also relies upon finding the best equipment. There are lots of weapons, armor and other items awaiting the player, as well as a handful of elements that allow you to customize every detail of your avatar.

One thing that differentiates Arcane Legends on from the competition is the presence of the pet. This animal, which can also be customized, means that your character will have a constant ally by his side through their adventures, and the pet will also bring certain benefits depending on how you choose to develop it.

Graphically speaking, Arcane Legends is a real stand out title. The character models could be slightly better, but thanks to its simplicity, it can show lots of enemies on screen without any noticeable slowdown.

Arcane Legends is an excellent title that offers dozens of hours of engrossing role play action. It is also completely free of charge so you don't have to pay anything to start enjoying this outstanding role-playing experience on the Android platform.
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